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InnocentDave Ofline
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Nobody on earth needs sex more than me!

Posted: 1 year ago - Dec 25, 2022

I was super shy when I was younger, you can't get laid when you can't bring yourself to ask anyone out. I've been with a total of four different women in my life two one night stands, just intercourse no kissing or anything else. One I went out with for about a month, no kissing, just sex. I got married at 26 we didn't go out much, but I quickly got her pregnant, so we quickly got married. Before getting married she seemed like a nice person, but turned mean the day we were married, also she didn't want any sex while she was pregnant. Afterwards we didn't have sex, I didn't have an urge to, I thought it was just because she was so mean, but it was probably more low testosterone which wasn't diagnosed until decades later.

I raised my son, didn't have time for dating, not being with women bothered me, but didn't drive me crazy, I guess because of the very low testosteronebtjat I didn't yet know I had. After raising my son I continued to not date. About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with low testosterone, caused by a pituitary tumor, the only tumor that can be cured with a pill. The pill was supposed to fix my testosterone, it barely did anything for that. The pill made me feel extremely rough all day, but I took it anyway because if I didn't take it the tumor would grow, once it was large enough to touch the optic nerve I would become petmanently blind.

About a year ago I found out there was a different pill I could take, I switched. I feel better and my body is producing normal testosterone levels. It's been 34 years since I've had sex and it's driving me crazy, I've wasted almost all of my best sex years with no sex, I don't think I remember how to kiss, I've never given oral and I want to so bad, I've thought a lit about how to please like that, I so much want my face on a pussy! I hear a lot that I'm good looking, I look a pot better than I do in pictures, but it seems impossible to get laid.

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